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Daniel David Johnson has been writing music and lyrics for 40 odd years, in a variety of styles including pop, rock, folk, R&B, jazz and country. His latest project is a jazzy, soulful, alt-folk New Thought outfit called Soulpajamas. Dan and Erin Johnson are the heart of Soulpajamas a vocal/guitar duo who write life-affirming songs — songs that explore the interconnections of all beings and all things and the power of positive thinking. Their original music interweaves latin jazz folk pop and blue-eyed soul while always maintaining the common thread of positive empowering messages. Dan’s light-hearted family-friendly jazz-influenced tunes celebrate life and explore personal and spiritual questions — songs about transformation overcoming adversity and looking at the world from a positive hopeful forward-looking point of view sometimes sweet but never saccharine.

Dan’s songs Fill A Cup and Hold on to Love both co-written with Roger Tomhave were selected to be in the two most recent Unity songbooks Shine On and Can I Get an Amen respectively. Fill A Cup was also featured in a recent issue of Sound Connections newsletter Unity’s New Thought Music Resource.

Dan also pens quirky songs like songs on weird subjects or from unusual points of view: a grumpy old man on Viagra (‘Get Off My Lawn’) or a smartypants kid (‘Something Smells Funny’) or an ode to a lame B movie (‘Snakes on a Plane’).”


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