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Daniel Morrow is a British, New York-based musician whose modest persona belies the emotional stronghold of his songwriting. Shades of transition, movement, melancholia and hesitancy, contrasted with humor, wit and irony, flow together easily throughout the guitar-and-voice-led songs.

Performing as vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, his recent songs are the culmination of a 15-year career that began with a secret love of music. Daniel was born into a large family in North London, and sought solace from his siblings and daily life by teaching himself the piano and the guitar, writing music he never intended anyone to hear — unsurprisingly, songs about shyness, superficiality and identity.

Dan began to play solo in London before forming “co-star”. The band began attracting a fan base, playing the club circuit in London (Borderline, The Bedford Arms, Dublin Castle, The Garage, Spitz, and Water Rats).

2003 brought an unexpected visit to New York: “co-star,” had been included on an industry CD compilation of best new indie music. Impressed, RCA sent him an email, asking to meet.

The friendships and experiences Dan cultivated during his stay confirmed that he was on the right path and he fell in love with the new city. His commitment to no-frills authenticity and sincerity immediately found a State-side audience. Mercury Record’s A & R director, David Gray, told him he found his lyrics “particularly personal and intriguing, a rarity these days.” Eric Beall, VP of A&R at Sony, was very excited by the strength of Daniel’s catalogue, noting that “the songwriting always keeps me interested.”

As lead vocalist and singer-songwriter of the band – The Morrow- he began playing in the city’s best indie venues — Knitting Factory, , Webster Hall, Pete’s Candy Store, Arlene’s Grocery, Bowery Electric to name a few — The Morrow secured a management contract and recording sessions, then embarked on an East Coast tour, eventually securing a residency at Philadelphia’s World Café.

Meanwhile Dan has continued his solo career and is currently playing live shows to promote his upcoming album. As a singer/songwriter, his music has a new certainty, momentum and confidence: a record of yesterday, today and the future.


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