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Ever since her parents recorded her singing at the age of 4, Daniela knew this was what she was meant to do. She was so shy that she made everyone leave the room while she sang into the microphone. When she was done, she would yell to her parents, in her Sicilian dialect, that she was done. But Daniela has come a long way after many years of training and performing.

After singing in different bands, both original and cover bands, Daniela decided to record a solo demo. The CD , Shades of Blu, was complete in 2002. While she enjoyed singing and performing, she felt that something was missing.

Following a whole lot of soul searching and a lot of songwriting, out came a brand new Daniela and new material. Her latest CD, OxyGenius, reflects the struggle to find one’s true self in a world where reality is not “real”. It’s all about how it’s not only OK to be YOU, but that it is the only way to go.
“Some of the songs on OxyGenius may have emotions like anger, which are natural, but they also send a positive message in the end: that it’s OK to express yourself…even if it is ugly.”

“Through the writing and recording processes, each song has been a different lesson for me…What a journey!”

“It’s all about growing, learning and improving. That’s what it’s all about. Nobody is perfect, but we can all be our very best at that moment.”

Daniela takes pride in the fact that all her songs have a positive message. She wants to be a positive influence on a sometimes negative world. Her last big show was at The Duplex Theatre in NYC.
While still writing and singing, Daniela spends most of her time as proud mom of her wonderful little girls.


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