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David Omlor is a songwriter based in St Petersburg, Florida. He began his music career playing in and around the Philadelphia area and he gained some notoriety after being thrown out of the band “Somebody Else’s Problem” for what his band-mates described as his “unnecessary and constant sarcasm”. At the time, Somebody Else’s Problem had been labeled in the Philly press as “… the next biggest act to come out of the local Philly rock scene since The Hooters…”. Mr. Omlor then spent the next few years living on the street around 10th and Pine until he met his current wife, Marlene. She adopted him in ,much the same way she adopted some of the local stray cat’s in the area. A little later he spent a brief period playing drums for the legendary band “The Junior Mints”. Once the members of that band realized that he really had no idea how to play set drums, they beat him rather mercilessly and left him, rolled up in a carpet on the streets of Germantown. Mr. Omlor finally achieved some limited success with a band called The Thangs, but he suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from the Philly scene right after the band had released their first EP and was beginning to get some local airplay. Apparently his disappearance had something to do with a crucial missed foul shot when he was playing point guard with the (also legendary) Beavers basketball team. No one is certain of the exact circumstances, however he turned up several years later playing in a trio around St Petersburg, Florida under the name DJ Todd and the Blisters. Now, considerably older, fatter and balder, Mr Omlor is trying to revive his long since dead music career with “Songs of the Tao”. His fourth studio LP, this collection of songs has been called “…a blatant attempt to capitalize on the recent success of annoying, fake, bald Taoist Wannabes like Dr. Wayne Dyer” by a hypercritical music blogger who shall remain nameless. Judge for yourself….


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