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Dennis Cruz, a Filipino-American artist, has performed in Europe and played briefly in clubs around Chicago. Citing The Beatles, Bread, James Taylor, and Jim Croce as being strong influences on his style of guitar playing, Dennis’ sound comes across as mellow and easy-listening. He recently came out with his own CD bearing his own compositions (The album released March 2004). His compositions run the gamut of heart-wrenching ballads to upbeat melodies. Lately, his songs have been receiving a lot of airplay and excellent reviews on various internet radio stations around the world, from Australia to Canada to Taiwan (to name a few).

In his early 20s, Dennis and a friend formed a duet ‘Best Friends’ and played in pubs and clubs around Germany. Then 2 others friends joined them to form ‘Salin-Lahi’, where he was the rhythm guitarist/bass player. Their band played all around Europe during the late ’80s. They performed cover versions of a variety of songs, ranging from Beatles’ songs to songs by Steve Miller Band. In 1989, Dennis came back to the United States and performed as a solo artist in clubs around Chicago. After a couple of years, however, Dennis shied away from the music industry and concentrated on his career while working at Abbott Laboratories. His love for music eventually pulled him back and in 2001, he was inspired to write songs again. Within a relatively short period of time, he composed ‘Sigaw Ng Puso’, ‘Bituin’, ‘The Road’, and many more. That encouraged him to produce his own CD, which has been receiving a lot of airplay on internet radio stations around the world, such as and, to name a few. The popularity of “Sigaw Ng Puso” propelled him to the Philippines to accept invitations from radio stations in Dumaguete, San Fernando City, Angeles City, and Manila where he performed his much-requested song. While in the Philippines, he was also invited to perform live in Kahayag CafĂ© in Cebu. Check out his website to learn more about this up-and-coming, talented Filipino-American musician. And also, you can visit and to read some of the articles written about him.


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