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Drake is a singer-songwriter that and music lover; He has a collection ranging from Irish Folk to Modern Pop. Creativity, relevance, and person passion is what he think makes a great song.

It’s wonderful that Indy music is taking off; it would be outstanding for the music world to go back to letting the artist create instead of the cookie cutter production model that is so prevalent.
Drake considers himself a man of the world; he’s been to over 35 different countries and enjoys going native. He keeps up with world events and trends in music; has a love the outdoors.

Greed prevents green is his banner. “We are much to intelligent to war over fuel, and destroy our only home. Therefore, something must be broad siding our knowledge and wisdom; I think it is simply greed”. Drake is from Detroit “rock-city”; nick name “Waterfighter” because he believe that is the best way to fight. Water quenches thirst, puts out fire, cleans up things, is essential to life, etc. His songs are most always from the heart, based on actual experience, observations, and/or dynamics occurring within a given society. Doesn’t like blowing his own horn; he has done a lot of music stuff here and there. Drake writes to lighten others day and offer subjective enlightenment; the listener is the judge.
Should have web-site up soon. Shalom


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