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Eastward is the latest project from Eden Altman, a songwriter, musician, and producer from Melbourne, Australia. The artist formerly known as President Schnitzel Head, has matured not only in his choice of moniker, but in the depth and storytelling in his music. He has performed and co-written with electronic artist Opiuo, enjoyed long time collaborations with Spoonbill and Josh Abrahams, played side-kick and guitarist for Abby Dobson, and once lived and worked at the Modern Opera of Paris as a sound technician. Currently, Altman operates out of a private home studio, where his love for guitar driven rock and equal affection for analogue synthesizer based music has lead him to a raw and lightly produced melange of indie, electro, folk and rock. Choosing the classic vigneron’s method of minimal interference; ‘so as to let the grapes speak for themselves’. Eastward’s debut EP Laurie Came Home, is an exercise in morphing the sterile computer world with that of nature in all its organic grit and beauty. “In Laurie Came Home, Altman provides an exploration of the existential quandries that necessarily accompany that period of life where responsibilities can be ignored and the mind altered freely. There are more questions posed than answered by this fascinating, but ultimately mysterious and inconclusive narrative. In it the listener can hear Altman’s voice, but also the voices that informed and shaped his. The mood of lost innocence of Histoire de Melody Nelson, the tight electronica of Moon Safari, and the more organic soundscapes of Broken Bells. But to attempt to quantify Altman’s work as derivative of his influences belies the originality and intelligence of the songs and of the work as a whole. The four tracks taken together, tell a story, and it is a tale well worth hearing and re-hearing.”
Benny Roff 2015


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