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Deep inside I am a romantic artist, who paints the world with her poetry and feelings.

My name is Elena Korneeva, I am a poet, writer, songwriter, manager of the international project “In the Same Language”, coordinator of the international festival “Together in the XXI century” (Bulgaria) in Russia, organizer of the International festival “World Poetry Day UNESCO in Russia” (2016), member of Eurasian Creative Guild.
I am an awardee of international and all-Russia music contests of the songs for children and teenagers. My songs won certificates of appreciation of the UK Songwriting Contest, and one of the songs became a semi-finalist of the contest.

I have a number of published books: “I Keep It All in My Heart” (2001), “A Talk of Souls” (2002), “Forgotten Truth” (2011) which includes selected poems written in 2001–2010, the collections of poems and lyrics “A New Dawn Will Be Born” (2012) and “Between Two Worlds” (2013), two volume poetry collection: “Distances” (2014) and “Convergence” (2015) which include translations into a number of foreign languages, in 2016 a new book named “Penetrating the Consciousness” was edited; albums of poetry “The Land of Love is My Land” (2011) and “The eternity wasn’t invented…”; music and poetry albums “Fire of Inspiration” (2012) and “When You Meet Love” (2012).
A series of books written in the genre of contemporary prose was also published: “Breath of Life” (2011) and “The Author of Life” (2012). They are written in the form of a psychophysiologist’s diary and reveal my point of view on various problems of human physical health and the world of spirituality and morality. The series is published in the USA and presupposes a continuation. “Breath of Life” was advertised in American newspapers and magazines.
I participated in a number of international literary events: International Literature Festival in Moscow “Writer. Personality. XXI century” (Moscow), International Book Fair (Frankfurt am Main), Book Expo America (New York), Moscow International Book Fair (Moscow), Festival of Slavic Poetry (Warsaw), World Poetry Day UNESCO (Warsaw), III International poetry festival “Delight of Big Snow” (Yakutsk), the International Festival “Together in the XXI century” (Bulgaria).


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