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Eugine Roszo is a Ukrainian immigrant, folk rock, singer/songwriter and recording artist performing under the name Roszo. His music is heavily influenced by his upbringing in Northeast Minneapolis, his background in painting and dance, and dives into themes of social commentary, immigration, vulnerability, as well as his connection to the city and the Mississippi River. Roszo?s songs resonate with many of the sentiments from the 60?s and 70?s folk movement with a sound often reminiscent of the alternative music explosion of the early 90’s. In his performances, he offers listeners the experience of seeing their world through the lens of an outsider.

Roszo has studied songwriting under Judy Stakee at her workshop in San Francisco, undergoes vocal coaching from local Opera singer Justin Spenner, and continues to study guitar under Minnesota favorite, Joe Flip. Eugine is also earning production credit studying under the mentorship of local composer and producer Will Van De Crommert.

Roszo has a monthly residency first Saturday of each month at the Underground Music Cafe in Falcon Heights and has been seen as a regular at the Coffee Shop Northeast. He actively donates his talent to the community and attends fundraisers for various Twin Cities Non-profit organizations. Upcoming engagements in 2019 include new song demos and an EP.

Some of Roszo’s musical influences include: Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen, Led Zepplin, Etta James, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, Joni Mitchel, Neil Young, Aretha Franklin, Hozier, Billie Holiday, Tim and Jeff Buckley, Prince, and Radiohead.


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