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Music has been a constant passion that has been honed first by my parents and then by subsequent mentors and likeminded friends. I had the opportunity to enjoy piano and perform and compete in piano festivals from an early age before completing practical Royal College examinations by the end of high school.

I also had received a small music stipend from high school and used it towards jazz bass guitar lessons and played for the jazz band. I also played jazz piano to accompany the high school choir and performed at the local jazz club.

Shortly after the college examinations, I developed a strain injury in the left wrist which limited strenuous practice. Not wanting to lose the results of practice leading up to this point, and despite my injury, I recorded my favourite classical pieces at the university performing stage, to celebrate and mark the end of a chapter of classical piano training.

During this time, I joined a singer-songwriting circle, where we wrote songs and performed them at city open mics and charity events. I was scouted by an NGO representative at an annual singer – songwriting showcase, and was kindly invited to perform for the upcoming charity event they were organizing. I also studied classical guitar during this time and recorded several songs with an afro-cuban latin jazz choir I was singing with.

Equal to the music itself, are the amazing people that music connects together, so I’m excited about people I meet through music, and excited to share my music, hoping that it will engage and invigorate those who hear it.


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