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From bass player/band member with Bonnie Raitt for a decade to countless studio sessions and tours with artists ranging from John Mayall, CSN, Maria Muldaur, Neil Young, and Ringo Starr, to T.V. appearances on “Saturday Night Live,” “Midnight Special,” and “Muppets Tonight,” as well as tuba performances with Dr. John and the legendary Spinal Tap, Freebo has achieved status and respect in a creative and highly competitive field. Not satisfied with simply resting on his laurels as a top sideman, however, Freebo has continued to push his creative envelope and has evolved into an award winning singer/songwriter with three solo CDs to his credit; 1999’s “The End Of The Beginning,” 2002’s “Dog People” (songs about the human/canine connection), and his latest, “Before The Separation”. Showing his complete arrival and comfort as a singer/songwriter, The Philadelphia Inquirer said of his latest CD, “Freebo’s stepping into a new role of singer/songwriter suits him well. ‘Before the Separation’ flows with a compassionate spirit rooted in ’60s ideals, but packing a gently urgent relevancy. The songs are built on Freebo’s acoustic guitar and fretless bass, giving them a sublimely folkish foundation that occasionally heads off into rock and soul. The finale, ‘The Freedom Wall’, shows that, in addition to an engaging earnestness, Freebo is also capable of biting irony”. Freebo’s songs span styles from folk, blues, & country to R&B, reggae, and rock’n’roll, and his live performances, mainly on acoustic guitar, take you on a musical and lyrical ride, creating an intimate unity with his audience.

Now, with his vast experience, Freebo has taken to teaching the many things he’s picked up along the way, “passing it on”. These include workshops on Songwriting, Song Arrangement, Performance, The Art Of Acoustic Accompaniment, and The Courage To Be An Artist. In addition, Freebo is beginning work on a book about choices, how they can hold one back, and how they can take one to the next level.

As the great Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over till it’s over”!


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