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Originally, I began college at Dana College in autumn 2004. Unfortunately, my music & theatre scholarships were void when I could not complete finals as I was in ICU, due to Crohn’s Disease onset. As I have continued my education in music & music technology at Shoreline Community College, I often cannot complete courses, as I am in the hospital. I religiously return to school, thirsting to become a better musician, lyricist & engineer. I am not as interested in a degree as I am in attaining knowledge to fulfill myself. I’ve written songs all my life as a coping mechanism. I believe I am “Born to sing the blues”(Journey). While majority of my music has a melancholy feel that pulls your heart into your stomach, fighting to survive has taught me to appreciate life, which helps me to produce happier, lighter tunes. I write all genres of music including, country, hip hop, grunge, bluegrass, acoustic, rock, etc.
Between hospital stays, I sing lead vocals w/Llosh Eliot Winne for band, Cambered Souls. Also, Llosh & I sing choruses & supportive harmonies for Hip hop artist, Mike DC. We all live for the original material we write. Oh the journey!

Thank you.

Gabrielle Soley Cogdill


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