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I was born on the outskirts of Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the Spryfield area. At that time, it sure was a small town, but as it continued to grow, so did the family, so we moved farther south to Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia, where some of my family still reside. I am the last in a famly of 5 children, four girls and a boy. We were all introduced to music at an early age, an enjoyed many a performance of talented musicians in our home over the years.

I learned to play the guitar at age 9 by my mother, just to suprise my father when he came home. I then learned to love the guitar at the learning hands of my father, who was an very well know guitarist in the area of Halifax, Larry Joseph Gaudet. I learned under his patience and care for many years, until his death at age 52 from Cancer before I was able to actually perform with him on stage as it was my final year of high school.

Music has been an important part of my life. I play guitar, keyboard, mandolin, and some accordian (there is a good part of me that is Newfie!). I am pleased to be able to compose my own orignal songs with ease, over the years and share them with family and friends. Now as part of a life long goal, I am sharing my songs with the world.

I moved to Ontario in the early 90’s, and now reside in Embrun, Ontario, Canada. I have a loving family at home, My loving Parnter and four children, a girl (9) a boy (12), my Step-son (21) and a step-daughter(17). My 12year old son was diagnosed at an early age to be Autistic, and he has truly inspired me to do more with my life and to follow my dreams.

This is me, and my dream, and I hope you enjoy it.


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