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Growing up in the rural thumb of Michigan, I was raised on old psychedelic rock records my dad insisted on warping my mind with.

Being a teen and tired of the area’s undying love of the classic rock scene, I began to listen to ambient /space radio programs late at night under the stars. I was hooked on the weightless, wondrous feelings of ethereal music.

Flash forward to the university years and being introduced to the marriage of ethereal space music and rock/pop. That was it for me. I began my endeavor of recording/producing that dreamy feeling in which I want to create on my own. I have graduated from Eastern Michigan University’s music program with my major instrument being classical guitar.

12 years later, here I am, in Korea. Still completly in love with making music. The Korean music industry is just as unforgiving as the states and as, a challenge to myself, I have been creating radio friendly music while maintaing my dream-like style.

Along with recording at my home studio, I am the bassist and co-writer/producer of a popular rock band in Seoul named “FADED” which tour around cities, festivals and military bases throughout Korea.

—a bit o’ press—

-From Bling Magazine:

“Geoff’s music can only be described as a trip within sounds and
emotions that is uniquely based on his rather unusual, yet
familiar experiences in life. It is familiar to us because one of its ingredients is an all well know question about life and how it relates to our reality day to day. One might be tempted to say
it is the pain that drives him but that would be easily argued because Geoff simply loves life. Today as a member of the band Faded (in charge of bass), he writes and produces poetic songs
with such titles as “A sacred memory revisited”, “Dreaming my
life away” and “Fading” in his spare time. Don’t let that ‘spare time’ thing fool you, he knows what he is doing.

Nostrant is a 33 years old 6 year veteran to Korea and he spent most of that time trying to tell you that music, beyond its physicality, is a mental
thing, a spiritual thing, a personal thing. No, he is not crazy or even unreasonable, which most musicians are these days.
He is quite lyrical and deep in his own philosophy. What is also stirring about Geoff is his manner towards others around him. For as long as I’ve been interviewing
musicians, I’ve never met one so agreeable and humble at heart.
I was particularly moved by “Dreaming my life away” remixed by
Jpath. If you haven’t heard it, it’s time for you to drop what you are doing and visit him at his Myspace to sample what I could only
describe as one of the best kept secrets in music in Korea.”



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