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The Effex formed on march 2001 from Cristian Ceccarelli (drum) and Alessandro Cagnoni (keyboards), that after some years together in another band, decided to form a new band where to build something new.
A few later, Gianni Ferreri ( vocal ) joins the band after several experiences in other Milan’s bands and he definetly gives the right impact to the band because of his voice and carisma. After that, with Matteo Scotti ( bass ) and Davide Zagato ( guitar ) the band is complete.
The great passion that mix the five guys is visible either in their private life and on stage, where these two aspect comes to only one thing.

It was told something new… in fact on September 2003, Cristian and Gianni cooperates to the first official single track of the band called “ It’s Only You”.

This period is the beginning of a double work: one as a cover band around the clubs and contests of north of Italy and the other one in studio as a songwriters of original songs.
On 2007 the Effex records their first 6 tracks demo and the single “ Wake Up” is the one chosen to be presented at the “Hit Festival – Saint Vincent” on may 2008. On may 2009 the band take part to “Emergenza Rock” with some original songs.

Finally, on january 2010 thir first studio album called “ Better Time” is released. It includes 11 songs full of rock, pop and melody.

Currently the band is involved to promote his album through live shows made in clubs around Milan and Pavia provinces but it is also looking for a label who might want to believe in its artistic ability.


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