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90010 Altavilla Milicia (PA) – Sicily







My name is Joe Lo Cascio and I’m from Altavilla Milicia (PA), a small town about 20 km from Palermo (Sicily). I lived as a young boy, in United States of America in Chicago (Illinois) and then, at the age of 14 years, I returned back to Sicily where, currently, I live and work. At the age of 9 years I started to “strum” with the first chords basics of my electric guitar, received as a gift from my father. For several years, always a boy, I was member of a local band (playing and learning the first notions of percussion). I had over the years, mainly due to lack of time and space, neglecting the music, then, to resume with greater commitment, in the last decade. In this period, in fact, mostly, of self-taught, but also with the help of a real musician/violinist from Altavilla Milicia (my brother in law), I found the “real” basics/essentials of music. I struggle, in fact, trying constantly to perfect myself, with different musical instruments. Sound percussion (drums), tenor sax, electric guitar, singing. Recently, not having the music borders, I’m dedicating my time to the development of various musical projects unpublished. In particular, with the experience and collaboration of Phil Di Carlo (original from Roccapalumba (PA), that has also the same music passion, I’m deepening the sector, very complex, of creating new midi bases/unreleased songs. Together with Di Carlo, we have, in fact, composed some songs and others have in work. Alone, with “real” passion, we have created: the rhythm, melody, the lyric, arrangement, recording, etc … In connection with these songs, in fact, having received several positive consensus, we decided to put them into circulation, making them listen to the users of the Internet, interacting with them, using this space. For some of these “unreleased songs” (those that we have a specific meaning) we have, also, created video- clips, “home made” by us and/or some friend of ours. In this page, you can, then, if curious, listen fully, those tracks. Music is something special that help’s us to communicate and we find it, every single day, around us. In my case it’s part of my life. In my case, whatever people think about it, I’m sure that music is something that’s part of my life.


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Giuseppe (Joe)

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Lo Cascio