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Harry V born 1950,
Independent artist,
dutch, single,
singer – songwriter.

Life has kept me too busy to go for a career in music, yet life turned out to be so fascinating I just had to write and sing about it. Being dutch I never realized that an english spoken audience might relate to my work, but since I joined I’ve been pleasantly surprised.
I’m also a member of, a rather new music community, where I found wonderful friends in the brothers Ostrow, the founders of MC. Especially my correspondence with them, on a very personal level, has convinced me it is worth all the trouble and gave me the stamina to continue in what may be the most difficult period of my life.
Being invited by Indie Int. was a beautiful surprise.
Influences: Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Donovan, and, less obvious but unavoidable, BOB MARLEY.(and many many others)
I posted one song here, The Pit. When you read the lyrics & listen to the song you may notice in the last verse I sing “stardust in your hair” but I wrote “red gold dust”. That’s for Shirley. Go on girl. Keep your head:)
When you click the BUY link you’ll be directed to an iTunes mediaplayer. There are several albums on it, so don’t be confused . You’ll find The Pit on the album We Got Angels. I could easily have chosen a more accessible song, but even now I think with my heart. Thanks Indie International for giving us this opportunity. I’ll use it in the first place to meet other interesting and beautiful people?.
Work on iTunes: “We Got Angels” about children and war, first theme cd (1991 – 95);
“Onder De Maan” / Under The Moon ; cd in dutch, lovesongs, 2004;
and various singles. Video’s can be found on youtube, my YT channel is “harry2sing4u”.
The main body of my work has never been published on iTunes, I found it more pleasant and playful to do so on MicControl, Reverbnation and now here, a new adventure!
Life has to be lived. I love what I do 🙂


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