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Born Hubert Jones, Jr., AichJones, started his career as a singer/producer in 2006. Attending school at Sam Houston State University he started as a Music Education major studying saxophone and graduated with a degree in Music and a minor in Business Management with a vocal emphasis. He has performed with various groups such as: Artistry In Rhythm, SHSU Chorale, SHSU Jazz Ensemble, and has worked with producers such Gary Powell of Disney Studios. On January 23rd 2007, AichJones founded Against the Odds Records. ATO Records was created to be a safe haven for those enduring hardships and giving them an outlet to express themselves through music. Having extensive training in jazz, he later created the vocal jazz ensemble known as Artistry In Rhythm at SHSU in the Fall of 2007. Artistry In Rhythm has today become the premiere vocal jazz ensemble at SHSU performing with the SHSU Jazz Ensemble, at the Sammy Awards, and various venues outside of Huntsville. Being partially def in his left ear, it’s a wonder how AichJones can create such a thick harmonious texture with his music; but a heavy musical influence from Musiq Soulchild and the Temptations would be fitting to explain how this feat is accomplished. Today AichJones is planning on moving to Austin, Texas to fully establish ATO Records as a competitive record label in the music industry.

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