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Born in Gastonia, North Carolina, Norris knew what he wanted to do by the time he was 13. While performing at a local benefit show, “I got mobbed by a bunch of girls one night and that was it,” he says with a grin. “When I realized I could make money doing’ this (music), that sealed the deal!” Encouraged early on by a guitar playing grandmother, herself an excellent singer and picker, Norris made his entertainment debut at age five on a local gospel radio show. Elvis and Rock-a-Billy influenced him greatly and, thanks to his Dad, he eventually became a hard drivin’ Southern rocker. At age 13 he had already begun performing on the Grand Strand club circuit of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. By the time he was 16 he was leading his first full-time working band and had “gone country” by the time he was 20. “I toured the Lower Forty-Eight and Alaska,” says Norris. After a stint in Nashville singing jingles, demos, and honing his songwriting under the tutelage of some of Nashville’s best songwriters and pickers, Norris hit the road again. After three more grueling years of 48 weeks a year on the road, he grew tired of the traveling life and settled in Tucson, Arizona. In the spring of 2008 Norris recorded “Man of Steel”, his first official release. The title of the song celebrates Jadi’s recovery from several spinal surgeries due to car accident that left him with a broken back and neck. “The “steel” is a metaphor for all of the engineering holding my neck, back, and shoulder together… I’ve always heard that having ‘backbone’ is an attribute.” Norris says with a wry grin. “The best thing is that I’m an inch taller!” “Life hasn’t been easy, but it has been rewarding,” says Norris. A prolific songwriter, Jadi takes snapshots of real life and events and channels the thoughts and emotions of those events. “Life of Me” is the story of a man torn between his patriotism and his sacrifice. “Company Man” seethes with the real anger of the individual who has been the victim of layoffs and outsourcing; all the while grooving and rocking hard enough to make people rush to the dancefloor. Jadi’s previous two releases, “Collection” and “Man of Steel I”, are filled with great original songs of life and love such as “Runaway Heart”, “Not Coming Back”, “Forever Only Takes a Little While”, “Working Man’s Saturday Night”, and more. “I really just want to make some good music. As long as I can do that, it’s a good day.” Considering everything, it’s a safe bet that Jadi Norris, the “Man of Steel (titanium)”, will have thousands of new friends and fans in very short order.


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