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To understand Genevieve’s music, step into her life.

As the youngest by far of five children, it’s hard to be “the little one,” so you build up a tough skin, a strong belief in yourself, and a vast imagination. You are acutely aware of the world, wiser than your years, and very compassionate towards the underdog. Eventually, all this profoundly influences your songwriting style and subject matter.

Growing up at the Jersey shore in the 80s, you believe Springsteen is king and Bon Jovi is his court. New Order, the Police, Pat Benatar, the Beastie Boys and Duran Duran are all part of the kingdom. You also love Broadway and Disney because like you, those people have voices that can raise the rafters. You start doing musical theatre as an outlet and singing in local bands to temper the “excess of theatre voices.”

Your influences shift to Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and Janes Addiction (where you pick up the grit, but not the guitar). The 70s resurgence also adds some flavor. To cope with high school, you discover humor as the ultimate survival technique. Meanwhile, humility is hammered into you on a regular basis. Your best friends are your piano and your notebook.

You sing in a ska band and in an a cappella group, further adding to your eclectic musical background, but you try to avoid music as a career, since no one you know believes you can break in, even though by 19, you’ve performed at the White House and the Kennedy Center. Then September 11th hits and you realize it’s finally time to ignore everyone else. You quit your job, pack up your life and head to LA. You want mellow, but with meaning, so Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, U2, Coldplay, and Joan Osborne become the final elements to add to your musical stew before you start cooking.

Your songwriting blends all your influences over the years – the down-home humility of the folk writers, the angst of the grunge era, the sass of the 70s divas and the hooks of 80s pop. You take a look at your songs and realize they would be perfect as the soundtrack of a movie – the movie of your life, complete with country drama, rootsy Americana, sassy jazz, bluesy soul, and adult contemporary ballads. And that’s exactly who you are – a mixture of American musical influences, capable of turning your life into classic, relatable songs.

As the first album finishes up, you head out on a nationwide, four-month promotional tour while singing the National Anthem at professional baseball stadiums. The following year, you tour through 25 states, playing everything from the Bitter End to Borders. Your songs gain recognition from notable songwriting competitions, including VH-1, the ISC and Billboard. You perform on television. You perform at festivals, including SXSW. You songs appear on national radio. And today, you are recording the next album and planning the next tour. Your dream is now a reality…


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