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Hey ya’ll. My name is Jeremy Johnson and I am a singer/songwriter from Indianapolis. Writing music has been my saving grace. It has given me a medium to channel the ups and downs of life over the past several years, offering a means of solace through some of the darkest times. As important as music is to me personally, it has been as equally important in the way it has connected me with fellow human kind. It’s a dream to have a common understanding and to be the great communicator. Music may not save the world but I believe it can make the wounds, the hunger, the threats, the racism, the prejudice, and the negligence, a little easier to stand up against. I want to be the venue where multiple cultures are provoked to listen to thoughts and ideas and to experience deepest of emotions. These are the things that keep me up at night. I want my music to be a playground that has no limitations to its games – a place where singing, fingerpicking, and poetry can meet in one accord and without any expectations. I want to resolve the anger and pain others feel. I want to show you that there are more similarities in my music to your experiences than you may realize. After all, we are all human – we all experience the same feelings and emotions, though there may be different things that make us feel these emotions, and we may express them in different ways. My music is created for a reason… bring us all closer together.

I am the lead singer/songwriter for Indianapolis-based band, bleedingkeys. I released my first EP, Solo Crazy, with the band in September of 2012. Not five months later the band was invited to perform with the North Mississippi All-Stars at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, NV, after gaining attention at a release concert for that EP. Since then, I have garnered a respectable fan-base and a growing list of accolades – most notably signing an official sponsorship deal with Klipsch Audio. I recently produced and released my first full-length album, Ghost Again, in November of 2014. My most recent solo, regional tour has fostered a thirst to get out and connect to others through my music like never before. Much love to you all!


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