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After five years of cranking out original music with his Indiana boys and a band named bleedingkeys, Jeremy Johnson packed up and returned to his hometown of Bend, Oregon. During his tenure in the Midwest, his 5-piece band landed the attention of Klipsch Music Company’s CEO which would afford the band their most noteworthy accomplishment: opening for North Mississippi Allstars at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in 2013. A year later, the band signed onto Klipschs’ Emerging Artist program, which led to the professional video recording of one of Jeremy’s most emotion-filled songs, Empires Rise. Although the band felt the call of the road and pursuing full-time music at their fingertips— it was not to be, and in June 2017 Jeremy Johnson and his 5-piece family moved from the heart of the midwest back to Jeremy’s Central Oregon roots. If you ask Jeremy about his personal highlight as the lead singer-songwriter for one of Indianapolis’ most well-loved original bands he’ll tell you it was the time he and the guys recorded his most passion-filled album Ghost Again and sold out one of Indy’s finest original music venues, RadioRadio in 2014. As much as Jeremy loves sharing his soul through his lyrics to a crowd of listening ears, he loves the faithfulness of die-hard fans even more. Not just anyone gets a crowded bar on their feet singing the lyrics to their favorite jam, or packs the house at a last-minute farewell show with 400+ in attendance just to see the band perform one last time. Jeremy’s music is special and only those who have honestly struggled through difficulties of life can relate. From the shock of losing a loved one, to the depression comes after watching the evening news, to becoming outraged at the amount of greed in the world, to the battles that ensue in marriage and relationships—his music contains all of this and more. Listen carefully, and you’ll find yourself in his lyrics, just like hundreds of his fans already have. And when you listen to it, know that he is as original and genuine as the music he writes.


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