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An intimate singer songwriter, Jeromy Darling creates music that sits solidly somewhere between the indie, folk and rock genres. It humbly defies easy categorization. Like a sweet, loner kid at school, his music is quite comfortable not fitting in precisely where it’s placed.

His songs are real and now, but relatable and original, without rubbing it in your face. His emotionally raw lyrics speak to experiences and hardships that resonate with everyone, but in a fresh way. Listening to his music is much like experiencing the excitement of meeting someone for the first time and finding you have so much in common.

“Darling gives listeners plenty of reasons to raise their hands” said Chicago-based entertainment writer/photographer Andy Argyrakis.

Over the past ten years, Jeromy has recorded multiple albums in his home studio and around the country. Mixing and spinning tracks with both vintage and modern equipment has produced an innovative, raw sound that compliments his unique style of music.

Currently he’s working on a five-song EP recorded entirely on an old Tascam multitrack cassette recorder; another five song EP, recorded live at Organica Studios in St. Paul; and yet another four-song EP – a compilation of some of his earlier work now finally seeing the light of day.

In 2014, Jeromy founded The Salvage Project, a non-profit that provides the platform he uses to bring his music around the country, focusing specifically on playing for the afflicted and sometimes forgotten members of society—wounded veterans, the incarcerated, and those hospitalized and suffering, to name just a few.

Since its inception, Jeromy has traveled throughout the United States playing in correctional facilities, prisons, sober houses, hospitals, churches, colleges and high schools. He has regular standing music engagements at the Minnesota Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Lino Lakes prison.

Jeromy plays both solo, and with his band, Jeromy and the Brethren. In the past he was a part of the band, ODYC, which he found with his good friend. In 2007, they changed their name to The Great Upset, but eventually dissolved as bandmates moved on, paving the way for Jeromy to focus on his solo career and The Salvage Project.

With every new album and show, Jeromy hopes to create more opportunities to reach people with his music through The Salvage Project. With enough financial support and the sustained interest from prisons and hospitals nationwide, he will continue to share his music where it has the most impact.

Jeromy currently resides in Minneapolis, MN with his wife of 12 years and two sons. His musical drive is 2nd only to his drive to be a great husband and father.


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