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I am 20 years old and have more than 13 years of musical experience. I sing (tenor) and play four instruments: piano, drums, saxophone and violin. I am a composer and singer-songwriter. For years now I am mainly interested in film music and my goal is to become a professional film composer.

At the age of 4, in my birthplace, Medellin, I participated in a children’s choir called “Canto Alegre”. At the age of seven I started playing piano and violin in Vienna, and at the same time I was part of the afternoon choir of the Vienna Boys Choir. After that, I was part of both the Children’s Choir and the Youth Choir of the Vienna Choir Schools at the University for Music and Performing Arts for eight years. From 2015 to 2017 I participated as a tenor in the choir “Neue Wiener Stimmen”. My first concert with the choir was the “Hollywood in Vienna” gala in October 2015.

In June 2011 I played my first solo concert on piano and saxophone, in January 2016 I did my second solo concert with piano and voice. In february 2018 was my last Solo Concert in Jerico, Colombia.

I taught myself six years ago to compose. At the moment, I’m also part of the band “Beyond Reason” and since May 2014 I have my own YouTube channel with self-produced music covers (“MrMoyoshi”).
Iwas part of a student film (“Can not Help Falling in Love”) as a screenwriter and composer. Additionaly, Last year I composed part of the Soundreack for the movie “Schönes Meer”.

I completed the lower secondary school (year 5-8) in HIB Boerhaavegasse High School in the class with musical emphasis, where I also had drums and saxophone classes. The upper secondary school (year 9-12) gratduated in June 2016 in Draschestraße High School. I am currently studying Film, Theater and Media Studies in the University of Vienna.


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Restrepo Galecki