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Introducing JIM SIMS, Native American flute player and composer! Compelling and soulful, peaceful and insightful, Jim Sims’ flute music is a harmonious blend of ancient traditional sounds with a contemporary influence. His music speaks to the soul and draws the listener into an introspective musical journey that leads to a relaxing respite in time.

Jim brings a vibrant freshness and a sense of spiritual authenticity to the music and entertainment business. His first recording Soul Restoration, debuted in 2001 and established him as newcomer who was serious about preserving Native American heritage while still relating to modem culture. This CD has impact listeners across the country and is still being sold through out the United States. The music on Soul Restoration parallels the Native American journey in this country with the experiences of Jim Sims’ life and reminds the listener that music has restorative power.

Released in 2004, Reflections of Life is Jim’s first CD recorded on the Raven Horse Music label. It incorporates narration and guitar as an accompaniment to his melodic flute compositions and showcases his music in a way that invites listeners to experience life through the timeless reflections of the spirit journey. Two highlights of this recording are “The Creator’s Prayer,” narrated in the Kiowa language, and Jim’s special rendition of “Amazing Grace,” which releases the spirit of the flute, providing peaceful reflections of the ancestral lives that lead listeners to an understanding of a fully appreciated and embraced life in the present.

By bringing the serene notes of nature and the inner spiritual realm of the soul into musical form, the melodies on Jim’s newest CD, Serenity, provide solace in the midst of life’s confusion. Listeners are enveloped by the serene music, enticing one to allow the tranquility of the sounds to calm life’s turmoil and ease the realities of personal suffering. The music on Serenity speaks to the heart and brings serenity to the body, mind, and soul, allowing the healing sounds to restore life. In this CD the flute notes are swept into a new dimension with the blending of the keyboard with this ancient sound.

In 2006, Jim Sims was awarded the Native American Arts Festival’s People’s Choice Award in Corpus Christie, Texas for Serenity and in 2007, both Reflections of Life and Serenity were recognized by the Native American community when both CDs had songs submitted for nominations to the Native American Music Awards.

Jim Sims’ heritage combines his western background with his Native American ancestry. This combination enables Jim’s music to speak to a broad range of listeners and entices them to journey with him through the spiritual experiences revealed in his flute music.


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