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For music fans that feel the industry has been lacking acoustic guitar masters who can rock, they haven’t been exposed to the work of Joel Sprayberry. With his unique style of music, Joel puts on a performance that is enjoyable to fans of all musical genres.

Sprayberry has been writing and performing his own style of music for over a decade now, giving the style its own moniker: “acoustic progressive psychedelic folk rockabilly”.
Critics have compared him to great acoustic guitar mavens such as Dave Matthews and John Mayer. Fans of Sprayberry agree that the time and effort he puts into his music and lyrics are evident in his musical performance. stated, “Unlike many guitar-intensive artists, Sprayberry has put as much thought and care into crafting his lyrics as he has into creating his finger-flying licks. With the skill of an engaging storyteller/poet, he opens up worlds with his words.”
His artistic dedication and uniqueness are two qualities that make listening to Sprayberry a memorable moment. “If I write a song that sounds even remotely like something I’ve heard before, I’ll throw it out,” he said. “All my lyrics have something to say and I feel music crosses lines of communication further than any form of art. I want all my words to be important and clear, but in a respected style. I want my style to be broad enough so that everyone who experiences a show will have a good time.”

Joel has been writing and performing his own style of music for over a decade now. Playing in a multitude of different venues all over the country, joel has shared the stage with hundreds of amazing performers from country music’s “pat green”, Dove award winners “mercy me” and Grammy winners “trout fishing in america”. joel has recently released his 7th album, tours around the southern united states with his band and play on average of 250 shows a year while still remaining a hard core independent act.


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