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Jon Jump – Lead and Rhythm Guitar

Jon Jump began his musical career back in the early 80’s, associating and playing with top San Diego bands. In 1991 he joined Mercy House, which enjoyed immense local success. They opened up for national acts P.O.D., Korn, Foghat, Blue Oyster Cult, Missing Persons, Flock of Seagulls, Peter Case, Dramarama, Deep Blue Something, Dishwalla and Love Spit Love. In 1994 Mercy House played MTV Spring Break in San Diego. They composed the soundtrack for “Honda Presents Jeremy McGrath (Winning Can Be Fun)” and were in regular rotation on a popular San Diego radio station.

J.G. “Gunner” Franklin – Lead Vocals

J.G. Franklin is an actor/singer/songwriter. He has been working since October of 2006 as such and, fortunately, has enjoyed a high level of success. In addition to getting his acting career off the ground he hopes to get his musical career “jump-started” as well. To this end, he is currently working, under the nickname Gunner, with his friend, and former bandmate, Jon Jump, a fantastic guitarist and songwriter in his own right, to form a new band.

Introducing GUNNER JUMP and their debut album “TAKING CHANCES”, due out in May 2008. One of the six tracks on the album, entitled “Remember Me”, has already garnered national attention from the “Song Of the Year” competition, as shown in the following press release:


San Diego resident Jon Jump, lead guitarist and chief songwriter for Gunner Jump, recently received the honor of being named one of the top 5 Finalists, in the Christian/Gospel category, by the Song of the Year ( ) songwriting contest. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award winners.

Song of the Year is excited to recognize Jon Jump for his exceptional songwriting ability for the song “Remember Me”. Jon competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor. When asked what inspired the song, Jon commented that “The song was inspired by Dismus, the good thief, who died with Christ. His last words to Jesus, “Remember Me”.

Currently Jon, along with his band mate and lead vocalist, J.G. “Gunner” Franklin, is concentrating on promoting Gunner Jump and their debut EP release “Taking Chances” in the hopes of furthering their professional career in an effort to obtain a record label contract and make music their full-time pursuit.

“Remember Me”, as well as the remaining five tracks on the album, would make excellent radio playlist material as well as film soundtrack additions, as evidenced by the following short film trailer in which J.G. “Gunner” Franklin, lead vocalist for GUNNER JUMP, stars as “Ian Horschack”:

Sincerely and respectfully,
J.G. “Gunner” Franklin
San Diego, CA


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