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The Mams write accessible dancey pop songs about carousing, heartbreak, flirting and mortality. Shiny and sophisticated on record, noisy and entertaining live. The perfect combo.

Adam Walton from BBC Radio Wales said that The Mams debut CD, ‘Wam Bam!’ was…

’The best Welsh pop record of recent times. That’s genius! All of it. I smiled so big my ears cracked… Superb, up, pop, aceness… It doesn’t sound like it comes from this, or most other eras… They take all these bits and pieces of music’s uncool past and put it together in such a jolly fashion… Irresistible. Absolutely irresistible… An astonishing record… Everything about it is ACE!!’ said the following:

’The Mams take the best of some of my favorite 80s bands and wipe away the dark eyeliner and black clothes, leaving behind light, bright music that’s fun to listen to… Run out and grab a copy’

The band:

’From Cardiff to Caswell Bay, I’ve disappointed lots of people to get where I am today…’

When Jon ’Earl’ Grey and A.T. Sharpe met in the summer of 2006 they found they had a few things in common. John Peel had played their records in the past, they still had their own hair and teeth and they were untethered by responsibility. And so, after a few lagers round the clubs and bars of a scruffy South Wales town, they set about writing a disco pop bar-room rock soundtrack to their shallow yet pleasureable lives.

Their debut album, ’Wam Bam!’ was produced by Charlie Francis (REM, High Llamas, Robyn Hitchcock, though sounding like NONE of these!) and is a ’glorious row’ packed with poignancy, joy, handclaps, energy, trumpets, guitar solos, whistling, grooves, string synth stabs, slap bass and some very high singing indeed.

The Mams line-up is completed by Pete ’Son Of Ivor’ Mason on drums, Dan ’The Devil’ Harris on bass and Andrew ’Chocolate’ Harries ..boards.

Diolch am darllen, xx


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