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Joséphine left the romantic streets of Paris at the age of 17 to pursue her music in the bilingual city of Montreal, Canada. The couple of years she spent there were a stepping-stone for her transition from teenager to adult and from dreamer to artist. She was then ready to move to the city that she had always viewed as the music capital of the world: New York.

Montréal gave Joséphine her first stage experiences and introduced her to a whole new world of music. She joined The People’s Gospel Choir of Montréal and was a part of their Vibe Award winning album. She has also recorded songs for film and a television commercial in France.

As soon as Joséphine arrived in New York, she knew that she was in the right place and quickly found her way in the local New York music scene. She co-wrote and recorded her first album, Unfinished Life, with singer/songwriter Craig Wilson. In the meantime, she has been playing her songs around New York in venues such as The Bitter End, Crash Mansion, and R&R.

Joséphine is an obvious romantic and sings with sweetness and hope although a certain melancholy and awareness of life’s pains and difficulties show her sensitivity in most of her songs. They have been described as “Sweetly sung, counting up regrets such as in the standout, Right Here.”

Unfinished Life is an honest representation of who she is, with a persisting little French accent…


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