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Josh Blackburn has been writing and playing music for over 20 years. Reviewing his history, you will see the extent of his accomplishments, his collaborations with the best musicians in the business, and you will be witness to what I would call a musicians’ musician. This is Josh Blackburn – raised in Jackson, Mississippi and has since journeyed to many places delivering the best music that I’ve heard in years.
To his credit Josh has played with the following bands:
• 1998 – Freemans Ride – This was a college band when he attended the University of Mississippi
• 2000 – The Stimulus Package – He was a guitar player in a band for Disney Cruise line for a 6 month contract
• 2000 – ESKRA – This was a band that he was in with Greg Barnhill
• 2001-2004 – Hogs Breath Band – This was a house band for the Hogs Breath Saloon in Destin, Florida
• 2004 – turned solo artist
Currently Josh is playing 5 or 6 nights per week in the Denver/Ft. Collins area as a solo act.
Josh Blackburn latest release is titled “Flipside” which is best described by the author himself:
“Flipside is a piece of work that I recorded in the Spring/Summer of 2010. The best way that I can describe the album is quite difficult. It is not your everyday album with a constant theme and sound. It is constantly contrasting light and dark, heavy and soft, from genre to genre always changing with the only common thread of a vocal. That is where the title “Flipside” came into play. I wanted to continually flip from one world to the next with each song. I think you really need to understand that before you hear this work. It is intentional. It is a jumbling of the senses. Be prepared to jump out of your musical bubble and listen to genres you never would. I hope you enjoy it. It is extremely close to my heart.”
The lead single off this CD is titled “Just Talking”. It is a light hearted, fun song with a hint of country and a little bit of rock n’ roll. Its theme is a conversation between two companions and the importance of communication. It has a great beat, nice deep vocals – just a sit back and enjoy song.
When Josh tells you that that each song is in no relation to the next or has a completely different sound than the next, believe it. He is extremely versatile and you can’t pin point this musician on any particular style. However, you can clearly hear not only a wonderful country rhythm, but that guitar playing is mind blowing – a voice all its own. Vocals, lyrics, harmonies, beats, rhythm – everything is so outstanding, delivered with perfection for maximum impact. This is the kind of music that is addicting. You just can’t listen to one song. You are yearning for more and man, does he deliver!


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