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To the naked eye, Oakville-native Jules Collarile might seem like your average 13 year-old: a social butterfly with an iPod full of Ed Sheran, Amy Winehouse, Pink and Avril Lavigne. Upon closer inspection, however, one finds a brave, blossoming new artist and songwriter, poised and ready to take the music scene by storm.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for Collarile, who was asked to perform at the 2013 Girls Who Believe Fest in Toronto after ‘Nashville’ actresses Lennon and Maisy singled her original song ‘Super Girl’ out of hundreds of applicants to the Fest’s song competition. Original tune ‘My Little Soldier,’ written for a young friend, who lost his battle with cancer, was recognized by the 2014 Unsigned Only competition in the Teen Songwriter category. Summer 2014 also saw the teen reach semi-finals in the Canadian National Exhibition’s Rising Star talent show.

The daughter of a drummer and former band manager, Collarile takes the stage as though it is a familiar place. She is a shockingly mature performer, simultaneously commanding and vulnerable. Notably, the young teen is quick to donate her talent to causes close to her heart; last year Collarile performed Bruno Mars song “Just the Way You Are”, for cancer research and showcased it at a subsequent Oakville-based charity event, raising $10,000 in the process and donating 12 inches of her hair. “I want to use my music to support the charities and social causes that are important to me. It is my way of giving back.”

The Italian-Canadian’s bleeding-heart vocal delivery has become her ‘secret-weapon’, brazen in one breath and hauntingly stark in the next. Collarile credits the discovery of her unique singing voice to Amanda Mabro and her song writing talents to Robyn Dell ‘Unto from a “Song of My Own”. Collarile studies acoustic and electric guitar, and regularly incorporates both finger picking and strumming techniques into her original compositions.

With her star on the rise, Collarile is currently in studio with producer Karen Kosowski (Emma-lee, Ash & Bloom) recording her debut EP. In the meantime, select recordings are available for streaming at


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