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Born in Quebec, Canada, Juulie Rousseau is a talented up-and-coming singer-songwriter and composer whose career is marked by her travels to distant countries. From an early age, she displayed great interest in music and began composing songs.

After attending numerous music schools, Juulie studied classical guitar in college and singing (jazz voice performance)  at Laval University. In 2010, she released her debut album Comme le monde, comprised entirely of original material.
As a child, people used to tell the artist that she was an old soul. She always dreamed of writing songs inspired by time-honoured traditions and wisdom. As a song-writer, she currently nurtures her craft by creating music that, not unlike her, travels all around the Earth. In her youth, she used to write songs in an imaginary language and liked to say that she could sing in every language in the world. Today, Juulie tells us that she sings in only one, the universal language of the heart!
Her many travels are what shape her vision and her art. The eyes of a child, a forgotten landscape, the wisdom of an elder, a touching moment of sharing; these unique experiences are the essence of her songs. Traveling the world with her guitar and her voice, Juulie has been moved many times by the profound spiritual bond music creates between human beings, beyond cultural barriers. From India to Mongolia – from Turkey to Iran – she realized that if there is a language that can be understood by all, it has to be Music!
During her travels, Juulie has met several great musicians and made impressive collaborations. She also learned new vocal techniques that she fused to her music. Following an inspiring encounter in India, Julie became Juulie.

After three years of hard work, research and dedication, her second album, Landscape, was released in 2014, influenced by the Mongolian steppe and her journeys in Québec’s first nations lands. Inspired by vast open spaces and by landscapes that remain engraved in her, as well as the cultural wealth of nomadic people, her new songs evoke her deep feelings towards nature, the complexity of human differences and Love.
Words that soar to the end of the world, a voice that is soft one minute and powerful the next, melodies that lift up the listener; Juulie’s music is a journey to the heart of the soul – a journey that transcends boundaries!


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