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Kahish was drawn to music at an early age. The first songs she learned by playing the same 45’s over and over. Kahish and her younger two sisters calling themselves “The Sisters Three” sang when they were all under the age of ten to entertain guests. Her mother had been a nightclub singer and encouraged the girls to sing harmony. 500 miles by P,P & M was their standby along with grade school standards. They did benefits and sang at hospitals and elder care homes. Playing guitar became an obsession at adolescence but didn’t come to fruition as a useful tool until around the age of 16 when Kahish started writing songs with guitar and putting music to poetry that she had been writing years prior. Kahish has now written over 120 songs between raising family, running restaurants and growing organic food.The richness and innovation of her lyrics, is Kahish’s dominant signature. Her voice and guitar are the heritage of her generation of folk and rock with the influences of jazz and blues. Although participating in some recording projects, music has remained a hobby. The diversity of work & life experiences has given Kahish the ability to write songs with depth and social commentary and humor. Kahish is finally at the station in her life to put all her creative energies out for others to enjoy. Since Kahish also paints with oils and has other creative writing projects, squeezing a CD out of her is still a challenge.


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"Kahish" KVerda

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