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Kari Tieger is a singer/songwriter who writes and sings in both English and French, primarily about spiritual growth and relationships, sharing her unique perspective on life.

Compositions range anywhere from dramatic vampire love songs to short classical mood pieces to songs of hope for the future. She explores life and love, as seen though the eyes of a modern American francophone.

Primarily a solo performer, Kari is a keyboard/vocalist, and her music is an eclectic blend of contemporary pop with classical, jazz, and New Age influences. She released her debut solo CD in 1998, “Touch of Magic,” followed in 2001 by “En francais, s’il te plait,” a collection of songs, poetry and instrumentals inspired by her love of French language and culture.

Next in 2004 Kari released the minimalist five-song CD “Pas de Deux,” recorded in Paris that summer, as a preview of her newest album “Nos Mots.” On Valentine’s Day of 2007, Kari’s most unusual album was born. Produced in collaboration with a French Buddhist monk, “zazen” is an bilingual introduction to zen meditation, with narration and backing music by Kari. Most recently, Kari released her second album in French, “Nos Mots,” the culmination of four years of work.

For all of her projects she draws together many talented musicians, to create a diverse and engaging sound. Working with guitarist/bassist Jon Brennan of Shryne and percussionist Ron Schmitt of the Gnomes (formerly of Pendragon), along with many other guest artists, Kari continues to develop original material for future release. Another album in English is planned, as well as a collection of songs and pieces featuring strings.

With fellow composer Kevin Campbell, Kari transcribes, co-arranges, and records on many of his songs, and has served as his co-producer in the studio since 1995. She also teaches piano and encourages her many students to compose.

Soon on the horizon is NIGHTSONG, currently slated for fall of 2008 — inspired by and based on Kari’s 1996 release, “Trilogy of Nightsongs: A Romantic View of Vampires.” With Music by Kari and Kevin C. and Book by Jon Brennan, this promises to be an interesting Broadway style musical exploring some vampiric themes. PLEASE STAY TUNED!

A member of ASCAP since 1989 (recipient of numerous popular songwriting awards), the Rhode Island Songwriters Association (RISA) since 1991, and Just Plain Folks online since its inception in the late 90s, she was inducted into the Cambridge Who’s Who in 2007 as a Recording Artist. Kari has made appearances on RI cable television (Just Plain Folk, Artists/RI, The Don Lincoln Show, Center Stage, Merry Meet) and has performed at many New England festivals, First Night celebrations, Alliance Francaise events, and area coffeehouses


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