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Composed of vocalist Katie Wig, guitarist Mitch Gerard, bassist Duncan Vinje, and drummer Nick Schwen, Last Call is a young, fresh band from the Brainerd Lakes area. Though we’ve only been together as a band for a year, we’ve been individually making music for over a decade, and have already hit the ground running as a band. With soulful vocals inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse and Aretha Franklin, driving guitar influenced by both jazz and classic rock, powerful percussion in the style of renowned alt-rock bands, and poignant, image-laden lyrics, we work to fuse a wide spectrum of sounds into a cohesive style that can stand on its own. Performing at a number of central Minnesota venues such as Ernie’s on Gull, Grand View Lodge, and Bar Harbor, as well as on Northern Community Radio, we’ve dedicated the past year to cultivating our sound and making music that can connect with a wide demographic. Our setlist is extensive, featuring rock, alternative, and pop hits from every decade between the 1950s and the present. Last Call’s primary goal is to put our unique spin on well-known songs, giving them new life. Mitch and Katie, our primary songwriters, spent the Fall of 2015 crafting a four-song EP, which we recorded in December at RiverRock Studios in Minneapolis. We’ll be releasing this EP in April, and are already in the process of writing more material for our first LP. Available as either a full four-piece band, or simply as an acoustic duo or trio, we always strive to be flexible and accommodating to the needs of each venue, and can adjust our setlist to best fit the feel of each location. Yes, we’re a young band (all 20-21 years old), but we work extremely hard, and actively try to combine genres and styles of music to create something that will appeal to a wide array of listeners.


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