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There’s a passion that burns deep for this self-taught singer/songwriter. Kent picked up his dad’s old Yamaha acoustic guitar at age 14 and quickly began writing and performing his own songs in and around Flagstaff, AZ. “It was definitely the beginning of a life-long pursuit. Since then, my desire has always been to bring glory to God through the use of the gifts and talents that He has given me. I believe that God is pleased when we step out and use any gifting to impact the world for His sake.”

By age 19, he was leading worship in his local church and would do so for the next five years. The necessary molding, shaping and maturing during this time culminated in the most challenging venture yet – a 2 1/2 month stint in Nashville in early 2009. “We felt lead to focus our musical efforts upon Nashville.” In the same way that Kent and his wife felt lead to Nashville, he felt lead back home to Arizona in June 2009…for good.

“I am set apart, consecrated Lord to you. I’ll live a life of black and white, wrong and right. There’s no in-between, no grey-in-color, no oil and water.” – I’ll Tell the World

If he could never write another song again, these lyrics would have said all that Kent would want to say. They are very simply all-encompassing, for his music and for his life. There is no separation between the two for Kent, for in music-made and life-lived: the “upward call of God” still remains (Philippians 3:14) and the tremendous sacrifice of our Savior cannot be ignored (Romans 5:8).

“Any song I have ever written or have yet to write is a song of worship to God, whether it’s classified as “church worship” or not, or whether it’s heard by the saved or the unsaved. It’s an expression from my heart out of a relationship with Christ, and each song is truly God-breathed.”

Throughout his life, Kent’s desire has remained the same – to fully realize the valuable gift of salvation that is available to everyone, and to live it out in a manner that is pleasing to God. “The music industry, and even Christian music, has become polluted with this “sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll” mantra. There are too many bands/artists that start out as set apart, consecrated to God and His calling, but then lose sight of their faith when money and fame begin to roll in. The Bible has to become our one standard of living again. That’s the point, and that’s the purpose of the music that I make.”


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