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“If Kevin Buchanan has proved one thing since appearing on the country music horizon, it’s how in-sync one persons’ heart and soul can be with their music. In a genre filled with acts making hit driven music, the California native has remained true to his style of not being afraid to break down musical barriers, and it shows in the integrity of the songs that he writes.”

Born Kevin Buchanan in Southern California, he grew up in the shadow of the mountains living in a modest home in the Victor Valley area of the High Desert. Music was an important part of Kevin’s life at an early age. With his mother’s voice as an inspiration and her love of sweet harmony, Kevin soaked it all up. Kevin also began to play drums at age eight and throughout his teens was in bands and music groups. Starting at age 13 and lasting through his high school years, he was a founding member of a Christian music band called “Master”. The group, who wrote all original music, provided a unique foundation and learning experience for him. “I started learning to write songs, fueled from the musical inspiration around me”

In Kevin’s early 20’s he sang and played in the night clubs and bars throughout the Mojave Desert and continued to hone his song craft, his voice and his acoustic guitar playing in such desert bands as Bullseye and the David Davis Group. Kevin was always a team player and worked well with each project he was a part of. When he was 22 Kevin became a member of the Roy Rogers Jr. and the Highriders band. They performed western shows and were part of many functions throughout the west. These included functions such as The End of Trail Western Expo and the Western Lifestyle Expo at the Denver Convention Center. There were also community and private functions such as celebrity banquets and silent auctions for the Happy Trails Children’s Foundation. The band also showcased routinely at the Roy Rogers and Dale Evens Museum.

As part of the Highriders, he and the talented group played clubs, casinos and private corporate functions throughout the region as well. “I valued and believed in the music and style that Roy Rogers and all the singing cowboys and cowgirls brought to the world. I was blessed to be a part of that.”

Kevin began a solo career path and worked on a solo studio CD called “Silvertown”. Besides writing all the songs, he also produced the album and worked with a very inspiring group of musicians including Jaydee Maness known for his signature steel sound in the Desert Rose Band and in Buck Owens inspiring the famous “Bakersfield sound”. Also, veteran session player Dennis Caplinger is featured. Many other respected local players appear on the album as well, most of them being long time friends. “Silvertown is a collection of songs that work well together to give a good feel of the road. Its open highway, part nomad, part lovesick straight ahead, with one eye in the rearview mirror country.”

Since the release of Silvertown, Kevin and his band have been showcasing the album and playing various shows throughout the west.

Kevin again went back into Hummingbird Studios, and in 2003 worked on his latest studio release “Every passing Moment” Oct 2004 release.

The new CD features 10 new cuts including the songs “The Outlaw Side” “The Race” and “She Fly’s” which have been showcased on local country radio. Kevin and his band have been playing songs from “Every Passing Moment at his shows, and they are fast becoming crowd favorites.

Every Passing Moment is a diverse CD and musically it shows some Kevin’s Broad musical influences and his ability to capture some real emotion. Kevin produced and engineered this album. . Two Songs were co-written with Jeremy “Buck Wayne” Popejoy of the rock band “Gina Hates Me.”

Local Musicians, such as with “Silvertown”, returned to lay down tracks on this CD, with the addition of Mo Grundy on blues harp, Matt Starner (Roy Rogers Jr.) on steel guitar and Tom Barnett on bass. Every passing Moment definitely reaches out to a broad audience as seen on cuts like “The Race” and the jazzy “Dreaming of You”

“As a vocal stylist with a traditional flavor to his music Kevin adds a bit of western influence to a very modern sound, putting him on the cutting edge of today’s new country music…”


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