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Mr. Kevin Budd, born in Toronto of musical parents, went to Romania went to Romania to study the panflute, their un-official national instrument! The panflute is also known as the pan flute, the “nai” (Romanian), the pipes of pan, panpipes, Pan’s pipes, pan pipes, and syrinx.

Kevin Budd builds, plays and composes for the pan flute. Kevin makes the beautiful curved Romanian style, with from 15 to 29 bamboo tubes.

Kevin has made special instruments for several international opera companies’ productions of “The Magic Flute”, and for a Shaw Festival production of “Peter Pan”.

In the U.S., he recorded the album “Tender Panflute Favorites” and played for a year with the Boston group, The Mandala Folkdance Ensemble. Kevin has also played on t.v. commercials and on film soundtracks, including “The Last Winter”, and “Mazes and Monsters”, for which the late Hagood Hardy wrote the music.

He has performed at weddings, restaurants and other events for many years. Four times, he has attended the Arosa pan flute festival in Switzerland, once as an honoured guest and twice as a teacher. He was one of the few students in the special master class with Zamfir.

Kevin studied pan flute with Dragu Voiculets in Romania and Chicago, and with Damian Draghici, in Boston and California.

In 2006 Kevin completed his fine CD, “Deep Breath”, featuring 12 original melodies and one Sting song. On the album he plays pan flute, silver flute, alto flute, recorders, and even trumpet, guitar, and bouzouki.


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