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?Kimba Arem’s Biography:
Kimba is a performer and recording artist, a musician since age seven with classical training in piano and flute. She received a B.S. in molecular and cellular biology and then moved on to graduate school studying acupuncture and herbal medicine. In 1997 she was introduced to sound therapy, and since then she has developed her own practice, grown out of extensive subtle energy training in sound as medicine, herbology, Reiki (master level), flower essences, and aromatherapy. Kimba teaches workshops, gives private sound sessions, group sound journeys, monthly group sound/prayer circles, and produces sound therapy CDs. She also works with light and color, and crystals, and has incorporated these diverse elements into a multi- dimensional approach to healing with intentional frequency.
In a private session she uses multiple forms of subtle energy techniques, Reiki (master level), a sound table and a hemi-synch light machine– yet the primary focus is on playing various indigenous and classical instruments in the human energy field, working intuitively with each person’s unique vibratory field. Her main instrument is the didjeridu (made from agave or quartz crystal which she co-designed), but she also plays multi- chambered Native American Flutes, four-chambered Celtic flute,
??????????Tibetan and quartz crystal bowls, tingshas, tuning forks, harp, waterphone, various percussion instruments, and chants therapeutic mantras and indigenous prayers.
She is the founder of HEARTHERAPY and GAEARTH, dedicated to educating and assisting the planet in gentle awakening through sound.
Kimba’s currently available sound therapy CDs include: Vibrational Sound Healing, Gaearth Dreaming[CD & DVD], Peace Journey, The Healing Didjeridu, Creation’s Tone, the Color of Sound, and Self-Healing with Sound and Music with Kimba Arem and Dr. Andrew Weil, and Psychedelic Prayers.
Visit her website: (303) 916-3365


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