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My name is Lance Andrew Leonnig, I am from Portland, Oregon and have been a singer/songwriter for around 20 years. Over the years I have written about a variety of subjects including, A cowboy getting killed bull-riding while trying to win back his girl, people who have to battle every little situation they come across, reincarnation, a runaway outlaw rain-dancing to wash away the sheriff on his trial, the world according to a young child playing with toys to figure out what dad went through during the war and even driving down the road at 125 with my dog.
At the age of 2 for my second birthday I got a drum set from my parents. I banged away at these until at the age of 10 when I got my first guitar. Around this same time we were playing at dances, granges and rodeos all over Oregon as a family band. My dad was singing, Aunt Lorain playing the piano, cousin Mike on the drums and me on the guitar. After graduating from high school I headed down to the California desert and spent some time in the Air Force. It was during this time my adventure into songwriting began. The lonely nights in a concrete dormitory proved to be invaluable for coming up with ides. After the desert I moved back home to Portland. For five years I wrote songs and played in a small local band called Leeside. After Leeside I kept writing in solitude and released three albums To Make The Wheel Rounder in 2004, The Judge Lester Maevis in 2006, American Songwriter in 2009 and Motorhome in 2011.
Several years ago I discovered that my music was very different and I had a real talent for playing live in front of people. First at open mics and then at many local venues, including the Aladdin Theater in Portland, Or. During the last several years my guitar skills have really improved and my live show now includes outstanding Upright Bassist William Joersz.
Currently I am working on making Cowboy music for the first time!


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