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I have been playing as long as I can remember either in or out of bands.

I was first inspired to get into serious music when I heard the strident and electrifying sounds of Clapton on the first Bluesbreakers album with John Mayall and Cream’s first album. I hadn’t heard anything like it before. And then I heard Hendrix and that clinched it. But Cream especially were and still are an inspiration. I was lucky enough to be working at EMI in Wellington New Zealand and got to first hear these albums before they were released.

My love of music lead me into playing with other musicians. In the ’60’s and 70’s I toured and recorded with two Wellington bands- “Gutbucket”, and “Tapestry”. Gutbucket is mentioned in New Zealand publications- When Rock Got Rollin’,and Stranded in Paradise”(where Gutbucket is mentioned as an underground band). Tapestry is also mentioned in Stranded in Paradise. Gutbucket is also on the NZ Jayrem’s Legenz CD compilation Out From the Cold, and on the Tree Label compilation Kiwi Made Music. While Tapestry is on Jayrem’s Legenz CD compilation Get the Picture.(Tapestry reached number 8 on the pop charts of the time).

In 1986 I played with Wellington alternative band “Sneakers Fall Apart”. With the encouragement of the band I began composing and performing my own songs. And during the early days of the Wellington cafe scene, played with a Sneakers Fall Apart offshoot duo/trio Face to face.

In the 90’s I branched out to a successful solo career, playing blues but also writing and playing more of my own songs. I have performed at Wellington NZ events, including the National Folk Festival, the Bluegrass Society, Hutt Arts Council concerts, the Poets Pub,and as back up artist for American vocalist Suede ,and Kristina Olsen, another American artist. Amazingly these two perfomers were visiting the local area where I live. They were real nice people. More recently I play with Hudson which is made up of myself and bass player Andrew Bicknell.We have performed in NZ at the Levin Folk Club, the Lighthouse Cinema in Petone, among other gigs, and we had a regular stint at the Village Restaurant in Crofton Downs, Wellington. I also played with Andrew in Blue Shift, another group of ours. And myself, Leona Palmer (of “Grace Under Pressure” who were a well known Wellington band), and Beavan Cross (of Dick Thrust Blues Band another staunch local blues band-Beavan also played in Blue Shift) have recently formed a new group- “Felix Fine”.

I recently released a new CD “Phosphorescence” on 21 October 2006. The CD was produced and recorded by Dave Russell at Sky Lab Studios in Sydney.

I wrote and sang all songs, and played guitars and vocals. Programming and keyboard arrangements are by Phil Groves of Sydney, with additional instrumentation by Dave Russell (who is a former Wellingtonian).

I did an earlier CD- “56 Coopers Lane” which was released in 1998 and received favourable reviews. This CD featured me on vocals/guitars, helped out by members of Sydney group the Hippos. The CD was recorded at Sky Lab Studios in Sydney in 1995 and 1997.

38 years of playing and recording and enjoying music

NEW NEWS!!!My CD went global on CDBABY.Watch this space


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