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Lawrence France – Singer/Songwriter/Composer

I started taking music lessons as a 5 year old and have been playing music ever since. In high school I started taking theory lessons and was a member of the choir, the select Madrigals group, multiple bands and multiple musicals. I was also selected to the Maryland All-State choir in 1991. After high school I became a music composition major at St. Mary’s College of Maryland with a focus on voice. My pieces were performed by three different ensembles at the college. I played piano in the jazz combo and jazz orchestra. I was a member of the select choir which did a trip to Europe and performed in Austria.

Throughout high school and college I played in rock bands that focused on writing our own songs. After college was over, I helped create the band drumfish which has been playing together ever since. In the 90’s we toured throughout the US and released 3 CDs. In 2000, we had 3 songs selected in the top 10 of a song writing contest put out by the Bass Institute of Technology (our bass player’s music school) including the first place winner. In 2010, drumfish released our 4th record entitled, “Memoirs”, on which was the song “Motion”, which won first place in the Indie International Song Writing Spring/Summer contest. In Spring 2013, drumfish entered songs into the Indie International Song Writing contest and had 2 more songs finish in the top ten (“I Am” and “Already After”). Though we list the entire band as having writing credits, I am the sole author or partner in a duo writing all the songs.

On our latest release, “Five Live”, I arranged string quartet parts for multiple songs. Because of my music academic background I have a strong ability to talk about music and speak with expertise. I am an expert in music theory and also very well versed in all forms of popular music. I have played jazz, rock, pop, folk, country, funk, theater, orchestral, choral and many other styles. I am an accomplished piano player and guitar player with a very strong understanding of drums/percussion, bass, strings, horns, winds and other instruments.

Here are two video clips of drumfish performing our songs which came in the top ten of the Indie International Song Writing contest in 2013.

I Am

Already After

Thank you,
Lawrence France (drumfish)


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