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“ music as in life..”

?Singer/songwriter, Leah Nobel, first fell in love with music at a very young age when her father would sing her to sleep to the Journeymen‘s ‘500 Miles‘. At age three, Leah was turning the family living room fireplace into a stage for performing where she began serenading her family and friends. On her thirteenth birthday she received her first guitar, and soon discovered the therapeutic powers of songwriting. While at Northern Arizona University Leah put her talents to use by performing at open-mic nights in and around the Phoenix and Flagstaff areas, which later culminated into numerous shows through out Arizona which has garnered her rave reviews and many loyal fans. Leah’s style is best described as contemporary pop with a few neo-folk influences sprinkled on top – “she’s a refreshingly talented artist that falls somewhere in-between Sara Bareillis and Suzanne Vega, but with a signature uniqueness all her own.” Leah has recently relocated to Austin, Texas where she has been making a name for herself on the local club circuit opening for the likes of Emily Wolfe and Raina Rose and performing for Sofar Sounds. Leah recently finished shooting her first video for her latest single, “Ride The Butterfly”, from her EP of the same name, which was recorded by Grammy winning producer Mark Prentice. Within just 3 weeks of release the video had garnered over 5,000 hits on YouTube, once again displaying Leah’s ever-growing prowess as a world-class singer, songwriter. Another song from the EP titled, “How To Behave” was recently featured on the hit Cinemax show, The Girls Guide To Depravity. Leah owns and controls her impressive catalog of songs of which she performs regularly live – her rarity as an all encompassing artist is consistently displayed not only during her shows but throughout her vast catalog of music which runs the gamut from brutally honest and poignant to flirty and poppy. When it comes to songwriting Leah says she finds endless inspiration from nature, love, friendship, relationships, personal hardships and the never-ending roller coaster of real life. With numerous self-penned songs already under her belt, Leah prides herself in creating music that is raw, relatable, lyrically driven and disarmingly powerful…and always from the heart.?..So in music as in life.


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