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Liane is a composer who blends contemporary influences in songwriting with her deep knowledge of the classical tradition. A multi-instrumentalist and experienced teacher, Liane currently lives in a remote Canadian Mining Town where she works on her songwriting, composition, and musicological research.

Born in Germany in 1982 Liane began her Music Education at the tender age of two on the violin. But her love for Music didn’t blossom until her family moved to Canada where she attended a Public School with a grade 7 band program, where she learned every band instrument the school owned in a matter of a year and a half.

Then, at Sutton District High School Liane discovered a love for Jazz, and broadened herself by taking every music class she was able to, including vocal, guitar and music theatre. As the school encouraged Liane vivacious learning with yearly awards in Musicianship and Performance, Liane began to truly distinguish herself from her peers by boldly venturing into the composition of instrumental band music, and developed her innate leadership abilities through teaching and her work as Music Council Co-President.

After High School Liane earned her Bachelor at the Music Faculty of the University of Western, continued to teach private lessons and eventually moved from London Ontario to Toronto where she soon found work at Bloor West Music Studios as their Winds and Brass teacher. Here Liane spend 2 happy years, teaching private lessons as well as summer courses of her own design.

Happy to share her knowledge and love of her craft, Liane put her composition aside for a while. But then the tragic death of her sister three years ago caused Liane to returned to writing music. Yet this time, for the first time, not in the classical style. Contemporary, and steeped in Blues, Liane addressed her own grief in sound.

Now 30, Liane has turned her complete attention to songwriting, composition and a deeper understanding of every aspect of music and sound. Having moved from the traditional medium of score writing to CD, Liane is able to produce her songs with the help of her Husband and her long term friend and drummer Graham Shaw. And while their home studio sound may not be professionally mastered (yet!), it is Liane’s fondest wish that this may suffice for her material to reach other artists who might be able to cover her music in a more professional manner.


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