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Lionel de Bernard

Lionel de Bernard is a singer-songwriter who heads an association of old school musicians from the Delaware-Philadelphia area. OldScool, as the recording project and band is titled, got together in 2005 to begin recording original material written by Lionel de Bernard. Lionel de Bernard, has garnered several national and international songwriting awards, including awards from songwriter industry notables as TAXI, Unisong International, Spree Select Nashville and others. In addition, Lionel has several song publishing contracts to his credit, including one song entitled, “Sleepwalking Avenue” which was recorded in Nashville by Norway’s Ole Morten Andersen.

For the OldScool, “Reason For Being” CD, Lionel de Bernard attempted to record his songs through a shared, old school, roots-rock experience screen. Lionel says, “I wanted to create a concept, studio album, with songs reminiscent of the sound from the old days of rock. Destiny enabled me to connect with some seasoned players from the Delaware-Philadelphia area, including musicians who have played in some notable bands, such as Chubby Checker and Tommy Conwell and The Young Rumblers. I feel extremely privileged and fortunate to play and record with great friends who share the old school, early days approach to classic rock and roll.” A CD album of songs recorded by OldScool, “Reason For Being,” is a mix of styles (rock, reggae, ska, and a touch of jazz), straightforward intensity, that melds retro, rock-rattling guitar rhythms and strong, highly infectious, hypnotic melodies.

Finally, and, not to be overlooked, Wild Oats Records, an indie label from Nashville, has released Lionel de Bernard’s latest OldScool CD titled, “Save Me From Myself.” The CD has already impressed many listeners, longing for the old, school days of rock and roll. Yet, Lionel has managed to retain a very contemporary sound, incorporating several different musical elements, including ska, retro-rock, surf, reggae, jazz, and, anything else available on his song writing palate in order to forge a new genre. Lionel and his band OldScool bring a very passionate spirit and an old-time rock and roll energy in their live performances. Their seasoned, musical, retro-influences help create a sound (Think of REM, David Byrne, The Police meets The Beatles) that is uniquely dynamic, original, with an old school charm, and yet, is very much contemporary. And, with a solid five year strategic plan, developed by vocalist/songwriter, Lionel de Bernard, OldScool will be assured of its reason for being.

“Save Me From Myself” CD Instrumentation:

Lionel de Bernard: Lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Joey Fulkerson: Lead guitar, acoustic, backing vocals (formerly with Chubby Checker)
Bob Kerly: Upright and electric bass guitar
Mike Naumann Percussion
Kathy Burkly Drums
Johnny Neel Organ (formerly with The Allman Brothers)
John Heinrich Sax
Steve Haggard Producer and backing vocals

Lionel de Bernard
P.O. Box 99
Dover, Delaware 19903
302 734-1629


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