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Lou Derr started playing in his garage with a few friends. CCR was the drive behind Lou’s music. Lou eventually met John Fogerty and started working at the Factory in Berkeley Ca. Fogerty was Lou’s idol and mentor. Lou learned every Fogerty guitar lick and developed his own style using Fogerty’s style as the root. Lou is a straight forward guitar player. Not a lot of fancy stuff. Between Haggard and Fogerty you will find Lou Derr. Lou played in several bands of his own through high school and played 6 nights a week for almost 10 years. Moving up to Lake County Lou hooked up with a great bass player and showman Don “Big Daddy” Speer. Together with drummer Bill Leach they formed “3-way split” a 3 pc southern rock/country band. A Country power trio if you will. They played all around the lake for several years. In 1986 Lou decided he wanted a larger band like Hank Jr. and George Strait. So he formed “Lou Derr and Bootleg”. Derr at that time rented a warehouse building and put in an 8-track studio and a music store. There is where Lou Derr recorded these 10 songs. Lou produced and released a 5 song video to enhance the audio cassette album. It was a great learning experience gaining Lou recognition from General manager Greg Bennett of Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa. They were a local draw that would help sell out the headliner concerts. Lou became friends with Waylon Jennings and opened for all his concerts there. Lou went to Nashville in 1990 to the calling from a producer there that was working for TNN- Don Dashiel. Don put Lou on a couple of TNN shows they had on back then. Several offers, record deals came Lou’s way after the release and visit to Nashville but Lou did not have the start up money they wanted or financial backing. “I just didn’t know anyone with the money to help me produce a record in Nashville to shop around” “I certainly was not going to let my Mom mortgage her home to cut me an album.” I didn’t think that was the way it supposed to be. I have since learned that everyone needs somebody to believe in them enough to put up the $$$ for the producers and payola that was required at that time in the music business. Thank God for the internet, now we can get our music out there and hopefully someone will listen. In 1994 Lou quit performing for almost 10 years disgusted with the way things were going in his personal life. He divorced and dropped off the radar until 2004, armed with a new family and new outlook on life and ready to start performing again. If you think it’s hard the first time, it is even harder the second time. I was so close to a deal and to think only money stood in my way, but living where I lived, there weren’t many resources to pull from. So Lou started in the clubs again putting back together what band members weren’t dead or moved away. Lou got his 5 pc band back together. This time I wanted to perform only big stuff like Concerts in the Parks, Rodeo Dances, Wineries, and Fairs. Opening for headliners was always fun but the pay sucked. I started a presence online by registering everywhere I could and in 2005 there weren’t very many music sites for artists but it was growing. I have forgotten half of the sites I am listed with. And it is hard to make money online unless you really know what you are doing. I thought it would be easier than it is. My album is the only thing I got to sell along with t-shirts and hats and glossies. So I have been at it for 8 more years performing the jobs I choose to. I am ready and armed with some new songs and need to get into a studio. I have been offered a 1 CD deal with Tate Music Group out of Oklahoma City. But even that is going to cost me $$ that I don’t have. So I am writing all I can. I get inspired very easily now that I am older and more seasoned. My songs come to me in minutes instead of days. I figure that at this time I have enough love for the stage left in me to still put on a great show and get the audience back on their feet.


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