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I was born to a family of artists (and teachers) and raised in New York City. Continuing the family tradition, I studied fine arts at LaGuardia High School (AKA the Fame school) and developed an interest in film making. After spending a few summers working on various film productions I felt I had found my passion and made the jump towards that end, studying film at Emerson College in Boston.

It was in College that I found my true desire to be music and though I studied film for 2 years, I found I could not ignore my feelings and decided to make a change. At the tender age of 20 and half way through school, armed with zero knowledge of the music/audio business and having almost no prior musical training, I bought a guitar and switched my major to audio production.

Perhaps even more terrifying than the unknown i was heading into, was the known I was leaving behind. I was starting over. By choosing music and audio I was also choosing to move away from years of contacts and experience in the film world. I also had no idea if I could ever make any kind of a living with music. All I knew was that I loved (and continue to love) music more than anything else I have ever experienced.

I graduated from Emerson with a degree in Audio Production and a minor in Photography and headed to Los Angeles, California to try my hand at a career in Entertainment. I found success with work, landing a job at Walt Disney Imagineering’s premier media department, Theme Park Productions. I also found success with music by setting up a home studio and completing my first collection of songs in early 2008.


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