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A true gem of an artist with the heart of a star, Madeline Spooner, charming as the name is, will warm your heart, excite and sparkle. Uprooted from her folkie, organic origins in Wisconsin, she is making a niche for herself in L.A, electrifying the ballad and bursting into Pop. Madeline, ‘spooning’ her own words from a lyric on her new EP’s single Honest Look, says, “I was a ‘star in a jar’, holding back my potential until I joined creative forces with producers. I’m all about liberation and I want to share my message with the world.” Once a diamond in the rough, now she is chipping away at something much deeper and more dazzling; a story of human and personal potential. She recently finished writing and recording her EP entitled ‘Heartshapes’ at the Speak Easy Studio in Burbank, Los Angeles which will be released with a new video on the 3rd of every month starting in 2014. The five-song compilation seems to have one underlying theme that connect all the dots like a five-pointed star; that theme is taking an Honest Look within. The voice and lyrics of these shining, Madonna reminiscent choruses and haunting, hypnotic verses provoke and playfully mock a distracted generation that moves warp speed into this fragmented era of technology. As disjointed and confusing as the digital revolution can be, even more ambiguous is the current state of the music industry, where Madeline throws herself into the swells with certainty. She has an innate musical wisdom that permeates through her professional and personal life and it seems as if she is following some internal cynosure. From the unripe age of fourteen, Madeline has been writing songs, recording and performing professionally, receiving voice performance and songwriting awards, had training in both singing, guitar, piano and music theory and studied an eclectic array of musical styles at California Institute of The Arts including Classical Indian Music, Bluegrass and African drumming. Madeline has thus far already found her own success within her current projects. She digs back to where the seed of folk and classic rock influences were planted; emulating the antics of artists like Jim Morrison and Bob Dylan, the vocal quality of Jewel and Joni Mitchell, and envisioning innovate ideas of the obscure artists she admires most: Bjork and Cocorosie. Alongside her are her talented producers who reference the current pop direction of artists like Justin Timberlake and Lana Del Ray. Madeline paints together these colorful facets and has concocted one coherent portrait. Her experience, her confidence, her talent and her wisdom only get brighter as this star-girl ascends more each day. This ascension will never stop so long as Madeline keeps singing because there will always be star gazers to watch and listen.


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