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Mai-anh Nguyen is an acoustic singer-songwriter/pianist with a soulful/r&b edge. She has been playing live around Sydney for about 1½ years, regularly performing at venues ranging from The Basement to pubs and RSLs.

She started learning classical piano from age 4, began singing at 15 and graduated in 08 from Sydney Uni with an Arts degree majoring in music (theory) and psychology. And that was when life changed. Realising that it was now time to have a real go of her dreams, Mai-anh packed her bags, moved out of home and truly began to focus on her music career. Teaching piano part-time to pay the bills, she could dedicate most of her time to gigging, writing and recording.

Inspired by life, love and mistakes, Mai-anh writes to understand her world and everything in between. As a songwriter, Mai-Anh has been influenced by artists such as Sara Bareilles, Missy Higgins and Savage Garden (the 2nd album), whose honesty define them. Musically, she has grown up exposed to r&b, hip-hop and soul, ranging from Alicia Keys, to Kanye West to Otis Redding. From these influences, Mai-anh’s original songs combine the lyrical sincerity of an acoustic singer-songwriter with an old school feel and edginess of modern r&b.


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