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Music speaks. And sometimes in a way that any and all people in the world can feel addressed by it.

Malte Vief succeeds at this time and again: sublimely uniting polarities. His music is pure emotion and feelings, and resonates in our minds, straight and true. Not sclerotic nor lax. Not portentous, not shallow. Simple and clear. That which is unifying.

With acoustic guitars of various types and workmanship, Malte narrates, reports and reflects, speaking to the hearts of the listeners. Energy, images, life.

The grace of the successful tightrope walk: any and all are invited and welcome. His music may simply be beautiful for some – and that may be enough. But analytical souls are also wholesomely nourished with down-to-earth compositions, virtuoso fingerwork, and transcendent, truly novel constructions.


Music that frees our heads and synapses. Sounds that promote sense, senses and sensuality. Love and beauty. Timelessness and the full life. Earth and the cosmos.

Rooted in the classical-concert tradition, and interested in almost all instrumental music, Malte’s compositions and live programmes create invigorating synergies that are sometimes alchemical displays of the new-old and of the old-new.

The free spirit of European music. Idealistic, sincere, contemporary and the antithesis of institutionalised imbroglio. Maxim of development, openness and experimentation. Be receptive to deep intimacy and surprises. The ability to experience and to travel far. Past and future. Here and now.

Live programmes


· Kammer (“Chamber”), ensemble


· HeavyClassic, solo and ensemble


· Renaissance, solo and ensemble


· Musical Images, solo




2007: HeavyClassic

2010: Antigo

2011: Euphoryon

2018: Kammer

2019: allEin

2021: Kammer II



Sheet music


all works and compositions





· Studied in Bremen, Hamburg and Dresden.


Teaching assignments, the Carl Maria von Weber Dresden College of Music, 2007-12. Degree programme in musical instrument making at Markneukirchen, since 2015.


· Numerous prizes, awards and scholarships


· Composition commissions


· Busy concert schedule; radio and television


· Endorsement for Hannabach strings, GEWA and Acus Amps



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